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Organizing your Tu Bshvat Meal

Posted on 16 January 2011

I’m reposting a great post written by Baila Feig, of Why Organizing Works, a professional organizer that is affiliated with us here at You can hire her locally if you live in NY!

Since Tu Bshvat falls out on Thursday, you’ll want to not only get organized for Tu Bshvat itself and also for Shabbos since they run into each other 🙂

Here’s what Baila advises you to do, especially if you’re having company come for Shabbos or for a special Tu Bshvat meal:

5 Tips for Organizing for Tu BShvat

1. Plan Ahead
Take stock of what you already have in the house to use and make a list of what and where you will buy your groceries. In the interest of being frugal, note which stores offer the best price for the fruit you are
planning to purchase, and decide which fruit best fall into your budget to celebrate the New Year of the Trees.

2. Strategies for the 14th of Shvat
Shop early in the day to ensure the freshest pickings and getting a good head start on the cooking. This will free up your time on on Tu BShvat which should be reserved for last minute cooking and other preparations. Set your dining room table.

3. Tu Bshvat
Confirm how many guests are coming. Things do come up unexpectedly and guests who were planning to come may suddenly be unable to make it. Adjust your seating accordingly and bear in mind how much food you should serve. Try to cut back on the quantity of food you make if you have received enough notice to do so.

4. Get everyone to help clean up
Family and friends can be enlisted to help clear the table, store leftovers in the refrigerator and freezer, wash, dry and put away all dishes and utensils, vacuum and put the room back in order so that you can implement Tip #5.

5. Set the dining room table for Shabbos
Place your Shabbos tablecloth, challah tray, Kiddush cups, candelabra, etc. on the table Thursday evening. This will be a signal to your family that no clutter is allowed if that is one of their usual resting places for their things, and will ensure you will have one less task to do before Shabbos.

Chag Sameach!

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