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The BEST Passover Cleaning Product in my humble opinion…

Posted on 06 April 2011

The Best Passover Cleaning Product

I get a little too excited about cleaning products sometimes 🙂 Well, what do you expect from

Anyhow, I was cleaning the grime from my refrigerator in preparation for my “Chametz-detox” and I used a steel wool pad with soap built into it- a.k.a. a soap pad.

The pros of using a soap pad are that you don’t need to spray anything, find good rags (sounds easier than it is!), and use toxic heavy-duty cleaning products. Though the soap in the pad is probably pretty toxic, I like the fact it’s not being sprayed.

My only complaint is that it rusts! So I began searching for how to mitigate the rust from these soap pads so they can be used and reused, since they are really such a wonderful cleaning tool.

Instructions for how to prevent rust in a soap pad.

1. When you’re done using a steel wool pad for dishes or cleaning, rinse it well in clean, cold water. Squeeze out as much moisture as you can.

2. Fill a small- or medium-sized glass jar a little more than halfway with clean, cold water.

3. Sprinkle in a generous dose of baking soda. About 2 tbsp should do the trick, but there’s no need to measure.

4. Close the lid tightly on the jar and shake it vigorously to mix the baking soda and water.

5. Remove the lid and put the steel wool pad inside. Make sure the steel wool is completely submerged in the solution.

6. Keep the jar near your sink so that the steel wool pad will be accessible when you need it. As long as it remains completely submerged in the solution during storage, the steel wool should never rust. Just rinse the pad thoroughly before using it. Then rinse it again and squeeze out the excess water before putting it back in the jar.

I hope you enjoy the suggestions here and find that using soap pads are a very useful Passover cleaning product.

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