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Pesach Formula

Posted on 25 July 2010

A More Organized Pesach Next Year or Your Money Back.

NO MORE STRESS! Making Pesach used to be a HUGE stress for me. Not anymore! That’s because I follow my own EASY to follow, step-by-step process for making Passover Perfectly Organized.

If you know my story, you know that I had to teach myself EVERYTHING about how to run a Jewish home. With full time working parents, there was really no one to SHOW me what I would need to know when I get married. I kind of felt like a newly religious person when I started out running my home.

When my husband asked me if we could start having Pesach at our own house, I freaked! My memories of Pesach were very stressful ones and I couldn’t imagine doing it all myself. I didn’t know where to start.

Now? I LOVE making Pesach. But that is only because I have a secret, and that is following my own advice that I’ve written down step by step for you in Pesach Perfectly Organized.

Pesach preparations can be SO stressful if you don’t have someone to help teach you how to make Pesach. I know because that’s where I was too.

It can be really painful if you do not have strategies and methods in place for making Pesach year in and year out.

We just finished Pesach! How was it for you? Would you like to have an easier Pesach next year?

  • Were you freaking out this past Pesach?
  • Wondering how in the world you would get it all done in time?
  • As I ask my ezine subscribers, how many times did your freak-out-o-meter go off this past Pesach? That’s the gage to knowing how well you are making Pesach 🙂

Currently, there is nothing out there that can give you detailed, helpful, personalized instruction with a voice and face behind methods to making Pesach, and keep giving you assistance along the way. I email my readers at least 2-3 times a week before Pesach to make sure they have it all done and are not under stress.

What if I told you there was something out there that could “hold your hand” from the beginning of Pesach to the end, with everything in between, teaching you what and when to do it?

  • The Cooking
  • The Shopping
  • The Cleaning

I found it! I cracked the code! It hit me like a ton of bricks!

My Pesach Perfectly Organized guide was born. Coming from a place of not knowing how to do things from start to finish, I committed myself to finding out what the best way to make pesach is.

Now I know how to make Yom Tov, have done it over and over again and am successful. Not only do I know how to make Yom Tov for myself, but I’ve taught a lot of other people how to do it and they have become successful too. And since you are a little more able and ready to organize yourselves then some of my local clients (who have not yet even found me on the internet), I can teach you how to get organized too!


Thank you Rivka Slatkin! Being a Baalat Teshuva, and “Domestically Challenged” Pesach preparations always freaks me out! As soon as Purim is over, (or even before) I start worrying about Pesach! I’m always worried that I don’t know how to prepare properly (despite my husbands reassurances) and I get easily overwhelmed by everything that needs to be

This year I can FINALLY STOP DREADING the Pesach preparation because I can follow your amazingly comprehensive guide, step-by-step and not feel so LOST anymore! Now I know EXACTLY WHAT needs to be done WHEN it needs to be done in order to get Pesach made on time. You’re ebooks are truly GIFTS from Hashem! Thank you a MILLION times!

– Sarah Zeldman

What exactly is in Pesach Perfectly Organized?

* The secrets of expert Jewish Homemakers and how they get it all done

* Timetables as to when you need to complete Pesach activities like searching for the chametz, burning the chametz, erev tavshilins, when to sell and stop eating chametz…

* All the Printable lists and schedules you need (that you can modify to your own needs) to help you get a clear picture of what needs to be done and by when.

* Meal planning ideas and instructions- here are some to get you started

* Weekly plans & descriptions for what to clean

* How to turn your Kitchen over

* A “Guest List” Planner

* A Planner For Your Annual Pesach Orders (for matzah, grape Juice, meat etc)

* A General Erev Yom Tov Checklist List

* A “Getting Ready For Seder” Checklist

* A Guide to “Dismantling Pesach” and Putting the Chametz Back

And More!

FREE BONUS!!! 20 Steps towards a Kid-Friendly Seder!

It’s hard to keep the kids up for the seder. Yet the main function of the Seder is for us to teach our children the story of the Exodus. Your Bonus includes the entire outline of the Haggadah with Kid-Friendly suggestions for what to do at each part to perk their interest. For young toddlers up through teenage years. (and adult-like kids!) Valued at $47.

    * The Haggadah Outlined with Activities Corresponding to Each Section

    * A More Involved List of Activities for the Maggid/Lengthy Story of the Exodus

    * Contributions by Creative Dads and a Professional Storyteller Coach

Bottom line?

    * Your seder is going to be ready with well thought out table design and setting* Your kids and husband will be calm because you are

    * Your cars, rooms, carpets, shopping, pesach kitchen setup will be taken care of in advance, not the night before

    * Your menus will be planned, cooked, and baked with Passover recipes that include substitutions you can use for your year-round recipes

    * Your guests will have their needs taken care of because you have time in advance to plan

    * Your house will be cleaned well enough in advance that you do not need to stress out the week before with cleaning

I read through those pages and just can’t believe it. There it is.
All right there. Now I know why I have had, in the past, such a stressful ‘last’ week before Pesach. I was doing 2 days before what should have been done 2 weeks before. Ahhhhhhh – lightbulb moment. Thanks so much.

Risk Free Guarantee

I want to let you know about my 100% Risk free Guarantee. If you read the ebooks and decide they do not help you in your Pesach Preparations, feel free to let me know BEFORE 8 WEEKS ARE UP and I will refund your purchase. No questions asked. No Hassles.

That’s because I believe in Pesach Perfectly Organized. I know it will help you accomplish what you want to accomplish and I’m proud to have you on board.

If you don’t decide to become a Pesach Perfectly Organized reader, I wish you good luck and hope that your seder goes well and that you remember everything that needs to be done!

Let’s not think too hard about what happens to people that are making the Seder without being fully organized.

Let’s wrap this up

Yes! Rivka, I Want to Escape the Clutches of Slavery and Feel Free This Passover!

I understand this course includes:

    * When to clean every room in your house before Pesach* Weeks at a Glance-what to do each week before Pesach

    * Where to Clean

    * How much food to order based on guest lists

    * Guest Checklists

    * Grocery Shopping Checklists

    * Pesach Housewares Inventory Checklist

    * How and When to turn your Kitchen over

    * Suggestions for transitioning your Kitchen to Pesach smoothly

    * Times for final Chametz eating, the search for chametz, the burning of chametz and other laws of Pesach

    * Passover recipes and substitute lists

    * Seder Checklist

    * Erev Yom Tov Checklist

    * How to Prepare the Seder Plate

    * How to Dismantle Pesach and put everything back

    * Clothes Shopping Checklist

    * Seder Menus

Order Pesach Perfectly Organized now for $25!!!

ps. To be candid with you, I don’t know how long I’m going to keep the doors open to new readers since a VIP membership component to Jewish Life is coming with full access to the Yom Tov Perfectly Organized Collection and more. This information is extremely limited and I don’t want to dilute the value of this information for my future paid members. If you were a member, I know you’d want the same too! So, I must restrict the number of readers for quality control purposes. Please don’t procrastinate and get your copy of the Yom Tov Perfectly Organized Collection before the VIP Membership is launched.

See you on the other side of organization!

Click here to Order the Electronic Book – Pesach Perfectly Organized

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