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Pesach is Fun

Posted on 25 July 2010

Pesach is fun! Don’t believe me?

This is the first year I’ve actually felt like making Pesach is fun. I really enjoy it more every year because I follow my own advice in Pesach Perfectly Organized. I couldn’t believe it when I said to my husband in the grocery store after seeing all of the nostalgic Pesach food from my childhood, “I love Pesach.”

Enjoy it at least a little. I know there is a lot to do. But it is all manageable.

Here’s a little high energy “Pesach fun”.

This video freaked me out when I first saw it. I did not create it and I shudder to think the Pesach cleaning has to be this horrible!

Pesach cleaning does not have to be so hard.

So if you know who created this video would you please tell them there is a better way?

And here is my baby doll singing the mah nishtana

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