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Reader Question: Can I really Turn my Laundry Room into a Pesach Kitchen?

Posted on 29 March 2011

Reader Question: Can I really Turn my Laundry Room into a Pesach Kitchen?

Can I really Turn my Laundry Room into a Pesach Kitchen?

If you read my recent post, How to Cook for Passover Early without a Passover kitchen, you know that I suggest creating a mini Passover cooking space in your basement or laundry room, all that is really required is a sink and an electrical outlet.

After posting more about how I create a Pesach kitchen in my own home, I received the following question from a reader-

(Regarding her Pesach kitchen) I guess you have to see it. It’s just random pieces all spread out in the laundry area and its a really small, old counter/drawers – probably from the original kitchen in the house. I think I need to open up a folding table and cover it and use that as counterspace for whatever I’m actually going to make. Hard to imagine doing much cooking in my laundry room, you know?

Definitely hard to imagine cooking in the laundry room, and if you look at these pictures you’ll understand why.

Let’s see if we can fill in the blanks for our reader.

pesach kitchen

I drew some very ridiculous drawings that are meant to explain my suggestions. Not sure if you can figure out what in the world I meant by the drawings but here goes.

Can you see the kitchen getting homey-er? Not really, okay I tried. But, it does have what you need to connect the dots from laundry room to Pesach kitchen.

If you look at the drawings on the last photo, you’ll see we’ve added a folding table with a cutting board and some knives, shelving for spices and other canned goods you might be using in your crockpot, and a large kitchen trash can, and your crockpot.

What else do you think you’d need to make this Pesach kitchen more functional?

I might put a large basin in the laundry sink because of how yucky laundry sinks tend to be, include some tinfoil and aluminum tins on the shelves, and labels so I can label what I will be freezing. Oh yes, the freezer? Where is your freezer for Pesach? It would be great if you could keep a designated pesach freezer in your mini-Pesach kitchen.

That’s it! You’re all set- feel free to post your own photos or ask questions about your own personal makeshift or real Pesach kitchen!

One Response to “Reader Question: Can I really Turn my Laundry Room into a Pesach Kitchen?”

  1. julie hauser says:

    Thank you, Mrs. Slatkin.
    > I read your article on GKC just last week. I sat down and made a brainstorm list of what foods I like to cook for Pesach which could possibly be made in a crockpot ie- no major set cooking times, mushy foods, wet foods.
    I took a trip to the hardware store and about $15 later I was ready with my extension cord (connected to my furnace) and power strip (so I can plug in 2 crockpots and an immersion blender when I need it). I put up a folding table next to my washer/dryer. I already had a regular fridge/freezer which doubles as my pantry as well. I bought one extra 6qt crockpot (about $25) and I brought down a few pesach things/supplies- peeler, pareve knife, old crockpot, cutting board, foil, paper towel, plastic grocery bags, food storage containers and a permanent red marker. When my kids come downstairs I say, “Welcome to my Pesach kitchen!” My mother says I would be a good camper.

    Since then I am totally
    > set and already have the following in my freezer: 2 huge containers of
    > applesauce, 2 huge containers of zuccini soup; 2 pans of brisket, 2 portions of broccoli soup, 1 pan of roast with
    > veggies; 1 pan of boneless dark chicken chunks with potatoes; and right
    > now I am waiting for the butternut squash soup and roasted garlicky-duck
    > sauce chicken to finish up! Yesterday morning we woke up to the delicious smell of chicken soup even though it was 2 flights down. Seriously! This idea totally rocks. No wonder there is a crockpot cookbook called ‘fix it and forget it.’ I keep thinking of that little phrase. All I’m doing is starting things rolling and then I come back at the end of the day (or a few hours later) to package it up for the freezer. Thank you dear inventor and manufacturer of the freezer (and crockpot, and electricity!)!!
    Cooking ahead for Pesach always makes me feel less pressured (knowing I won’t have to do it all when the kids are off from school… that is the time for prepping veggies and baking and checking lettuce and all those errands and haircuts etc.) Surprisingly, I like using the
    > crockpot though I wasn’t sure I would; I like it b/c I feel I don’t have
    > to watch over things as much. There’s fewer steps. I can take my toddler to
    > the post office and grocery and come back to my cooked roast.

    The absolute best part is that I am not living in that funhy world of kashered-the-kitchen-very-early-and-still-eating-chometz issue that is a challenge b/c it is like having a foot (well, mouth) in both worlds.
    All without spending a lot on a pesach kitchen and without a fire hazard of an oven in the basement!!!!

    >. Thanks so much for
    > sharing your personal gifts and ideas with the k’lal. This is my 12th time (k’a’h) making Pesach and my first time with a “Pesach kitchen!” all for $40!
    Sincerely with gratitude for sharing your ideas and taking the time to write them,
    > Julie Hauser
    > (author of Mothers to Mothers: Women across the globe share the joys and challenges of Jewish motherhood- maybe you have seen my book – ArtScroll/Mesorah 2009)

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