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Planning the Jewish Holidays

Posted on 18 July 2010

Welcome to the Yom Tov Planning Center!

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What exactly is a C.H.A.G. Resources Guide?
You may be looking for information on planning the Jewish Holidays, but what is a C.H.A.G. Resources guide?

First off, the word CHAG as you may know, in Hebrew means Holiday or Festival. In my Rosh Hashanah Perfectly Organized book, I mention that the formula I use for beginning to get any major holiday organized is CHAG. That’s Cuisine, Halacha (Laws pertaining to the holiday), Aesthetics (of you and the house), and Guests/Guidance.

Thus, the C.H.A.G. resources guide available here on this page, explores these 4 aspects to beginning the planning stages of any Holiday with you on For deeper detail and step-by-step holiday planning, I recommend you take a look at the Perfectly Organized Collection where I go through the Yom Tov with you, weeks before, to get all the steps of planning and actually making the Holiday, complete.

Just click on one of the Yomim Tovim below and in an instant you’ll have more organizing tips for the holidays than you’ve ever dreamt was possible on the internet!

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