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Post Chanukah Pesach Cleaning

Posted on 18 July 2010

Post Chanukah Pesach Cleaning

In the past, I’ve spoken to many expert balabustas who start
thinking about Pesach right after Chanukah. What exactly are they
starting to do?

I believe they are cleaning out one drawer at a time. When you read Pesach Perfectly Organized, you know that I always have you start working on the rooms that are most out of the way and least likely to come in contact with Chametz.

Although, if your home is really cluttered and needs a good cleaning, now would even be a good time to open up one kitchen drawer at a time and wipe it down, so when the time comes that you MUST clean the drawer, it will be that much easier.

I’d love to know more about what you think you can start doing now, to make Pesach preparations all the more easier.

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