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How to Plan for the Most Organized Purim Holiday Ever!

Posted on 28 February 2011

How to Plan for the Best Purim Holiday Ever

We’re about 3 weeks away from the Purim Holiday and I’m going to give you some tips that I think will give you a day that’s an organized blast 🙂

Keep in mind that the Purim holiday this year falls out on Sunday so you won’t have as much time the night before to make up your mishloach manot baskets nor get your costumes ready, because of Shabbos.

You’re going to be extra prepared this year.

How you can organize the Purim Holiday for Maximum Fun and the Least Amount of Stress

As I mention in The Yom Tov Perfectly Organized Collection, From Overworked to Overjoyed,, the Purim holiday is a day that comes quickly and can be quite overwhelming in all that needs to get accomplished in less than 24 hours! (If you don’t already have a copy of the Yom Tov Perfectly Organized Collection, I suggest you get it for the BEST Purim Holiday ever this year and for years to come)

Therefore, one piece of advice that I want you to take heart of is to put AS MANY things on autopilot as you can in order to make the holiday go as smoothly as possible.

Examples of Yearly Tasks you Can Automate for the Purim Holiday

Instead of reinventing the wheel each year, start creating “habits” around Purim and putting the responsibilities that come along with the Purim holiday on autopilot.

Here are the items I would recommend you put on Autopilot and follow them to the “T” each Purim Holiday:

  • Who you invite for your Purim feast
  • What Mishloach Manos you give and in what containers
  • Purim Costume Exchange
  • Bake the Same Hamentaschen Recipe Each Year

Purim Feast Invites
Each year, instead of thinking about who to invite for your Purim feast, invite the same families that blend well with your family and make it a yearly tradition to have these same families year in and year out. That way you don’t have to come up with new guests all the time and don’t need to worry about families blending well together on top of a crazy, busy day.

My own family has finally gotten into the right groove for Purim guests and it just works well. We used to have some years that worked better than others and now we just stick with what works! SO much less stress on the parents and the kids.

Mishloach Manos Giveaways
Decide on a few Mishloach Manos items that you like to purchase, bake, and give as well as the containers you like to give them in.

I know a family that gives a challah roll, a delicious soup, and one dessert each year, year in and year out. Boring you might say? I say a LOT less stress on the Mother. If you don’t want to give the SAME things each year, have a rotating Mishloach Manos list and stick to it. List some items that everyone loves to give as well as containers that you like to use to give them in.

This way you’re not reinventing the themes each year but you know what’s successful and can feel good about that.

Automate the Costumes for Goodness Sakes!
Another idea to put on autopilot are costumes. Why not discuss with a few friends what costumes they have that you can borrow and trade with each other each year? You can enjoy a costume “gemach” and not need to stress out about buying new costumes every year. Switcheroo with friends and stress-less.

Your Hamentaschen Recipe
Purim HolidayPick a Hamentaschen recipe and stick with it! For people that don’t enjoy cooking and baking, and find Hamentaschen baking to be challenging for them, sticking to the SAME recipe, year in and year out will be tremendously helpful for you! Again, you don’t have a lot of time to experiment for the Purim Holiday (we are 3 weeks away) so why not stick to what works?

I hope that you’ll find this tip of putting the tasks related to Purim on autopilot tremendously helpful in organizing the Purim Holiday!

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