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Questions from JLO Readers-Dealing with a Small Apartment

Posted on 18 August 2010


We do not have so much space. The rent for apartments in european cities is very high, so our apartments are smaller. We simply do not have the space to place three different coloured boxes to sort the dirty laundry for example.

So the main problem – facing the upcoming holiday season – is that our
fridges are smaller and that we also do not have big freezers. Still we will
have to prepare the food in advance and always consider freezer-space and
food-spoilage – that makes it more difficult.


Let’s talk about the general space issues for a moment, and address the cooking issue last. If you live in a small space, the MAIN tip I have for you is to utilize ALL possible wall space. In this case, I’m not sure if you are utilizing wall space or not, wall space is truly invaluable since floor space is at a premium.

Shelves on the wall with baskets for storage, hooks, wall organizing systems, whatever you can possibly do- is recommended. Here’s another tip that may be helpful: The 4 storage principles that apply anytime and anyplace, and you won’t find too many more options than these.

Hang it Up

Store on the Floor

Store on a Shelf

Put in a Drawer

Anytime you are looking to find storage for something, think through each of these options before just randomly putting away. I can almost guarantee that the Hang It Up option is almost always overlooked.

Cooking/Freezing in Advance with No Second Freezer

Now that I have a second freezer, I see the IMMENSE benefits of having one. I’m wondering if it is possible to get a few friends together and see if one of you could store this second freezer somewhere with all of you sharing the space?

If not, I would just streamline and pack up your foods as tightly as possible, using freezer bags rather than aluminum tins or tupperware containers since they are bulkier. Organize and streamline the freezer whenever possible. No empty ice trays taking up food or other bulky items!

2 Responses to “Questions from JLO Readers-Dealing with a Small Apartment”

  1. Rivka says:

    Having to use the freezer bags is invaluable.. i have big freezer..yet that i use the bags to have space…

  2. Ami says:

    I understand the limits of living in an apartment where you not only are short on space but must also abide by the strictures of a landlord. I found that this was helpful for me and I hope others can benefit. My husbands office, like many others, has an office refrigerator. The bottom refrigerator portion gets used a lot but the freezer is almost always empty. I was able, with permission of course, to utilize the freezer there in cases when I was completely out of room at home. This worked well because we lived quite close to the office and my husband could come and go anytime. I do hope this option is available to some of you out there. It really helped us a lot.

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