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Raising Jewish Kids

Posted on 18 July 2010

Raising Jewish Kids Primer for Jewish Families- The Basics, some Advice, and then some Fun!

Raising Jewish Kids Basics

There are so many parenting methods and books out there and if I start making mention of methods that I find helpful, I know I’m bound to raise some controversy!

What I’m going to do is, instead of directing you to the “haskafa (philosophy)” of parenting Jewish children, is direct you to resources that will help you to Organize your children.

If you so desire, you can contact me privately for my recommendations on raising Jewish chilren resources, but for right now, because is about organizing your jewish home and family, I will take you along the path of how to “organize” your parenting.

Raising Jewish Kids Advice

When you are just starting a family, it is easy to look at a large family that runs so efficiently and wonder how in the world the mother does it? After all, the kids are so well behaved, well dressed, and the house is clean, etc.

The practical secret to how these efficient Jewish homes run is that there are older kids to help out. Seems obvious but not to the newbie mother. Know that things will get easier as your kids get older.

That’s not to take away from the extreme effort put into how well established families fun. No doubt these families have a Family mission statement and creed. Family mission statement?

I believe that it is essential for you to have a family mission statement, no matter how many people are in your family. Write down what your goals are for this family and where you want to be in the next 10 years.

You’ll find that there are some very critical beliefs you need to instill in your children and writing a family mission statement actually gets you there. For example, if one of the parts of your mission statement is for the children to have respect for each other and respect for the home, you can begin by learning how to look after your house and then passing on that information to your kids of any age. A clean home is a sane home.

Again, those of you with small kids, know that it will get easier. Get yourself some answers to practical questions like how to nurse your baby while your toddler is around. You can find such answers in a resource called The Mysteries of Parenting Closely Spaced Siblings Revealed. Perfect for families of small children.

So, write your Mission statement and come up with goals for raising wonderful Jewish kids.

Here are some sentence stems to give you ideas for your Mission Statement:

It is important to me that my kids know how to…

Some families I think that have really respectful kids are…

My children will grow up with a healthy sense of…

Some of the ways I think we can accomplish the goals of having great children are…

Raising Jewish Kids Fun

coming soon!

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