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Shabbat Dinner Recipes

Posted on 21 February 2011

Shabbat Dinner Recipes

I’ve decided that we need Shabbat dinner recipes here on

Because I believe in doing things “good enough” (not ultimate perfection as perfection takes a lot of time and we want to be capable and confident Jewish homemakers, not perfect homemakers!), these recipes for Shabbat dinner are going to be simple. I don’t claim to be a kosher gourmet cook or a perfect balabusta 😉

The recipes will be delicious and when you finish perusing these recipes, you’ll be able to add shabbat dinner recipes all together into one simple shabbat dinner meal plan, your friends and guests will be amazed by what you made! It will look perfect and it will only take you the time it takes to make “good enough” meals 🙂

Here’s how to start preparing your Shabbat Dinner

Take a look around the different categories of Shabbat dinner. Then, I will send you to a page that creates the perfect equation of how many foods to prepare from each category and so forth.

This Shabbat dinner section of our website will take a little bit of time for me to complete since there are over 100, so bear with me and check back with us to begin creating wonderful, reusable meal plans for shabbat dinner.

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