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Welcome! Shabbos (the Sabbath) is such an important part of Judaism and comes every week as you know. If you already keep it, then you know there is a lot that needs to get done BEFORE sundown on the eve of the Sabbath in order to fully enjoy our day of rest 🙂 The cooking, cleaning, grocery Shopping, having Guests, …the list goes on and on. It’s kinda like having Thanksgiving at your place every single Friday night and Saturday.

(If you don’t already keep it, there’s no greater pleasure than observing the Sabbath, despite it’s “busy”-ness!)

If you’re Sabbath observant, like I am, then you know just how much work is involved in preparing for the Sabbath, or Shabbos.

I don’t want you to experience the day of rest as a burden though. It would be so awful, in my opinion, if you dreaded the work that was involved in preparing for the Sabbath. After all, this is a gift that was given to us, the MOST precious gift of respite and rejuvenation that we could possibly experience!

I want to invite you to join my inner circle of readers that want to seriously work on their preparation for the Holy Day. It’s your opportunity to become part of a group who quietly takes advantage of my position in the Professional organizing industry as the Jewish Professional Organizer.

To truly understand why this group is so special-and why the rewards are so great, I must give you some details about my history and the development of

Our greatest weakness can become our greatest strength

Despite my experience as a Professional Organizer, I can get bored if things are too monotonous. I’m a creative type of personality and often rebel against traditional organizing methods. Erev Shabbos was a mad rush every week because I insisted on staying spontaneous and not doing things in advance. And this is despite my own training!!! When I FINALLY learned how to work with my creativity and spontaneity instead of against it, my Shabbos prep has been more seamless and stress free.

But before that? It just seemed so hard. When I became tired of “winging” Erev Shabbos from week to week, I committed myself to analyzing Shabbos prep and getting it down to a science.

That’s when it hit me, that other women and men perhaps also feel overwhelmed and stress by everything that needs to get done in time for Shabbos, week in and week out.

So I wanted to share my information on making Shabbos with you.

I wrote it based on interviews I conducted with very happy and successful Jewish homemakers. It doesn’t matter what kind of home you came from or even currently live in. Your level of observance doesn’t matter (although I do write it from the Orthodox perspective).

All I want is for you to be totally joyful each week on Shabbos, feeling like you were successful in all that you accomplished in preparation for the day of rest.

Here’s what you get with Shabbos Perfectly Organized

* The simple strategies of expert Jewish Homemakers and how they get it all done before Shabbos

* Insider lists and schedules you need (fully assembled yet expertly crafted to fit your own needs) to help you get a clear picture of what needs to be done and by when.

*Brutally honest material on what works and what doesn’t work for Shabbos prep

My Personal Contribution:

*12 Followup Emails on Making your Shabbos Prep Perfectly Organized and after that, a reminder before every Jewish Holiday.

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