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Shabbos Tablescapes

Posted on 25 July 2010

Shabbos Tablescapes

My interest in setting beautiful tables started because I was looking for beautiful table setting websites for an event I was coordinating and could not find one that I thought was inspiring.

So I created Beautiful Shabbos Tables.

After seeing what beautiful options were out there, I began implementing those strategies to my own shabbos table.

The following are some suggestions for how to improve your shabbos table. For more information, you can go to the 7 Dollar Store to purchase your copy of Beautiful Shabbos Tables.

  • Start by looking over what you have and begin grouping them into colors. Is all of your cookware white? Put the white together and find your next color. What about your glasses? Include those in the color scheme, I bought beautiful blue glasses at the dollar store!
  • Find a second color scheme in your cookware/serving ware. Perhaps you have a lot of chrome or silver, put it all together so you can see what you have.
  • Begin working with your 2 colors, maximizing their potential by using several items on your table in those colors
  • Practice setting your table with the 2 colors. You’ll find that a 3rd color pops up. See how those colors work.
  • Once you have a 2-3 color scheme that you like, think about whether there are other serving pieces you need to complete your Shabbos table.
  • For example, I didn’t have a Mayim Acharonim set for a long time. Now that I know my table colors are red, gold, and blue, I picked up a single use tea pot in those colors (from Target!) and now use that for mayim acharonim. Here’s a picture of pieces from the pattern I use:

    I also use a challah tray in the matching pattern from Target.

  • Put away pieces that do not fit into your color scheme, or start all over by creating another scheme!
  • White and the metallics (gold, silver) are somewhat neutral and sometimes don’t count towards the 2-3 color limit, unless they really stand out. Play around with your shabbos table until you love it, and read Beautiful Shabbos Tables for more comprehensive information.

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