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Shalach Manot Baskets that look Professional and are Frugal, as well!

Posted on 08 February 2011

Shalach Manot Baskets that look Professional and are Frugal, as well!

Shalach Manot Baskets! Jewish Homemakers all over are starting to get excited about creating and finding the perfect purim baskets for their families!

I don’t know about you, but I always look for the cutest ways to combine homemade Shalach manot baskets with professional looking ones.

I’ll provide you with some ideas for both options 🙂

I love this idea that provides with a simple paper lunch bag. Her ideas are so cute and this one meets even the most frugal homemaker’s idea of frugal!

Get instructions here for making Creativejewishmom’s shalach manot paper bag project.

To get more ideas for making baskets, sometimes I surf through some of the professional purim websites out there.

The company that makes these fancy shalach manot baskets is called Broadway Baskets. I’m loving this idea of a gourmet fruit basket that I found on You can totally copy it if you are set on the idea of being frugal and creating your own Shalach manot baskets. If money is no issue, then by all means make it easier on yourself to just get yours here!

If you want to make really professional looking baskets, you’ll want to think about packaging, display, and centering your items around a theme.

When we had a baby this past October, someone brought over a tray of chocolate covered pretzels and it was definitely one of the tastiest and prettiest designs I had seen. You can easily duplicate this picture that I found through Amazon.

Simply buy some twisted, thin pretzels. Melt some chocolate and dip into different toppings. It is such an easy idea for a great food insert and really cheap too.

As far as packaging and display, you can use purim plates or even paper plates that you staple in the shape of a hamentashen or get some nice plastic trays that you cover in cellophane tightly and then finish with some bows.

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