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Posted on 18 July 2010

Your C.H.A.G. Shavuos Resources Guide courtesy of the Yom Tov Planning Center


Shavuos has a wonderful tradition around eating dairy. Most love to bake cheesecake and while I am not a baker, I’ve found that it is not too hard to bake a basic cheesecake. My husband makes a pareve and dairy one since we eat all meat meals on Shavuos with the exception of a dairy kiddush after shul.


Shavuos has the same laws as any other holiday but there are no specific mitzvahs for Shavuos. There are a lot of fun customs though 🙂 Mmmm…cheesecake!

Enjoy the beautiful holiday of fun, friends, the receiving of the Torah and all of the other wonderful qualities that our yom tov traditions hold 🙂


Shavuos is a beautiful time to decorate your home with greenery and with flowers. You can go ahead and pull things from the garden, make a centerpiece, or just buy a bouquet and put them in a vase! Again, don’t make extra work for yourself! If you enjoy it, do it 🙂

1. This dried flower table arrangement requires minimal effort. All you need are 2 glass plates and flower leaves or herbs.

You can use 2 glass plates or 1 china plate and one glass plate.
On top of the bottom plate arrange a grouping of dried flowers and herbs. Place the second glass plate on top of the dried flower table arrangement and voila’!

When I learned of this dried flower table arrangement, I got really excited, because I tend to like things that are not complicated and are impressive.

You can create this floral/fruit arrangement for erev Shavuos. Get fruit of your choice- apples work well, as you can see from this picture, pears, peaches, anything hard and round! Use an apple corer to core a hole out in the center. Insert Shabbos candles and you are done!

This picture is a little Xmas-y, I’m looking for new pictures from our own Jewish homes. Please send me them!

Speaking of fruit, I love using this floral/fruit centerpiece because it requires little work. I used this last year just before Yom Tov started. Get yourself 2-3 cake stands. Use whatever fruit you have in the house and then go outside and pick some pretty flowers to intersperse between the fruit.

Create a “table runner” by placing large flowers without stems down the length of the table, either on top of white plates or on top of a white tablecloth.

And while you are working with single stem flowers, why not put one flower in each person’s cup, adding even more punch to the Shavuos table?

When I look at this picture I think of Har Sinai in a table! Drape garlands around your table and/or coming down your stairwells. What I would do to get this look easily is to simply order green garlands from Michaels already made, and intersperse more colorful silk flowers in between the garland. That’s me, keeping it simple!

If you wish to make your own, go to Michaels and purchase floral tube and paddle wire, foliage, and flowers.

– To attach the foliage in bunches, form a length of paddle wire into an “L” shape.

– Lay the “L” shape parallel to the foliage stems, then wrap the wire around the stems. The long part of the “L” should be wrapped alongside the stems.

– Add another bunch of foliage to the stems of the first bunch and attach in the same manner. Soon you will see a progression of foliage (figure B).

– Cut the stem of each flower short and insert them into a floral tube (found at most florist shops).

– Insert the flower and tube directly into the foliage. Continue in this manner until the entire garland is the length of the table you are featuring.

– Embellish with ribbon or other themed items.

You can always pepper flowers and leaves around your Shabbos candles, whether you keep them on the table, or up on a shelf, anywhere! Here is a picture that gives some idea of flowers around candles. (I haven’t decorated my candles yet for Shavuos that’s why I don’t have a picture of my own for you!) Keep your leichter where it normally is and cut branches and leaves from outdoor trees, adding some greenery to what has become a “regular” staple of your home.

Look at this doozy! Wow! And it is not as hard as it looks. With 2 weeks before Shavuos, you still have time to make this! Jonathan Fong demonstrates how to make an unusual floral centerpiece shaped like a cake.


floral foam

red and white carnations

spray roses, regular-sized roses


1. Use a knife to carve the floral foam into a cylindrical shape.
2. Soak the foam in a bowl of water.
3. Cut the stems off the carnations (leave about 1/2 inch). Stick the red carnations near the bottom of the foam to build the first layer (figure A).


I think because Pesach is so involved and Shavuos involves minimal preparation, I have in my head that there are a lot of things I “should” be doing for Shavuos. My “shavuos shoulds”.

I think Shavuos is a time for you to relax into the spirit of the day and if you do nothing else but enjoy your food, your company, and the spirit of the day in which we received the Torah, you’ve done a wonderful job!

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