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Another use for Paper Bags- Shelf Liner for Passover 2011

Posted on 14 March 2011

Reuse Brown Paper Grocery Bags for Kitchen Shelf Liner Paper for Passover 2011

I like to shop at “healthy” grocery stores like Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Fresh Market. If you are lucky enough to have those wholesome grocery stores in your area, you really appreciate being able to buy healthy, organic produce with lots of other great Kitchen staples.

My only pet peeve about these grocery stores (besides their prices!) is their paper bags! I know, I know, paper bags are most likely a lot safer and healthier for the environment, but they are so bulky and tend to take up a lot of space in my teeny kitchen.

I was thinking recently about what in the world I could use these brown paper grocery bags for, besides recycling, and I realized that they’d be perfect for re-lining my kitchen shelves for Passover 2011. Most people that go crazy cleaning for Pesach are accustomed to lining their kitchen pantry and shelves and refrigerator again, as a safeguard against any Chametz.

If you’re going to be buying shelf liners for Passover 2011, and you have a plethora of brown paper grocery bags like I do, cut them so they are flat and use them to line your pantry or cupboard shelving.

The benefit to re-using your paper grocery bags is not only that you can repurpose them instead of throwing them out, but since they are a heavier paper weight, they’ll absorb grease stains. They are also non-adhesive so they won’t ruin any paint or lacquered finish that you may have on your shelving.

If you’re attracted to the idea of using paper grocery bags for kitchen shelf liners for Passover 2011 but you really don’t have that many at home, just purchase a roll of thicker paper, available at craft stores or even a local home appliance store for your kitchen pantry shelf liners for Passover 2011.

One Response to “Another use for Paper Bags- Shelf Liner for Passover 2011”

  1. leslie says:

    i like the paper bag idea, and i have yet another suggestion – – aluminum foil paper… again, not expensive, easy to toss when done, and
    can be used in any location. i also use it to line under my kitchen sink… anything that gets wet, won’t go far.

    i moved a short time ago, and was supplied with packing paper. it is basically paper for a newspaper without any newsprint on it. I already own it, and am using it as shelf paper at the moment. Buying this from a place that sells supplies for packing is less expensive then even your local craft store. I have soooo much of it, that it will last me longer than i would care to stare at it 😉

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