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Homemade Sukkah Decorations by Creative Jewish Mom

Posted on 18 September 2010

Homemade Sukkah Decorations by Creative Jewish Mom

I had the privilege of interviewing Sara Dahan of Creative Jewish Mom about what she personally recommends for Sukkah Decorating and how she organizes her Sukkah decor. Check out her beautiful website and welcome to all of her readers!

1. What decorations do you find yourself taking out and reusing every year versus what kinds of decorations do you try to make fresh?

The types of decorations that we use every year tend to be framed pieces of artwork, including a poster with many small painted portraits of our great sages from the time of Rashi and the Rambam, as well as some large Moroccan mirror frames which happen to a permanent fixture in our courtyard (which then becomes our succah)  We use two large colored glass Moroccan lamps for our light fixtures, so those are not only functional but very decorative as well, and lend a nice ethnic elegance to our Succah. I have an iron candle chandelier that I hang between the two Moroccan lanterns, and from the chandelier I hang a small collection of jewel like ornaments, which I think are finally ready to be changed after about 6 years of use! For the past three years I’ve lined the Succah with a series of sheer striped fabric panels, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be using those again, as well as some strings of colored camels which I hang on the back of the door.

2. List some materials/craft supplies that you always have on hand in your craft closet so when you feel inspired to make something, it is always there?

My personal craft closet is more like a storeroom packed to the gills with all kinds of items (new and old)  patiently waiting their turn in the crafting limelight. For my kids crafting, I am really big on crafting with recycled materials, so I always have toilet paper rolls and cereal boxes on hand, as well as milk cartons, plastic lids, wine corks and more. Those items together with paint, glue, tape, and some colored paper are all one really needs!

3. What is the best looking “child” decoration? One that looks somewhat advanced or stylish so that even the biggest “art snob” would love to display it?

This year I’ve created some ornaments from paper and especially some colored paper garlands that kids of all ages can make with great success.

4. How have you seen sukkah decorations or crafts stored best so the decorations don’t ruin?

The key to successful storage is first of all to store your things in a dry and not too hot spot, and really taking the time to pack them properly so that they are protected. Some of my decorations stored in the very hot attic actually melted a bit and stuck to the paper they were wrapped in! Take the time to wrap breakables in bubble wrap and divide boxes vertically (wine rack style) with pieces of cardboard for even more protection. Large plastic garment boxes are great for storing small items, and flat artwork on poster-board should be encased in large envelopes that you can make with cardboard boxes. Any truly special pieces of handmade art should be photographed, and in case they don’t hold up you could always display a blow up of the original!

5. What decorations do you find yourself buying instead of making? Are there any?

The types of things that I might buy would be artificial paper mache fruit, like small apples or pomegranates, small birds, or anything beaded such as beaded doorway curtains. It just occurred to me too that the shell chandeliers using the flat round mother of pearl type discs would be gorgeous in a Succah as well. Hmmm!

6. What decorations could young children do on their own without much adult involvement- say under age 8 or 7?

7. What is the single most important decorative item in a Succah?

Of course I’m generalizing, but I really think that a great table cloth makes the whole Succah, after all the table is generally the emphasis in every Succah. If your custom is to use a white table cloth, then think about adding some color and design with a runner. The second most important items are the lights and/or decorations that hang over the table. A beautiful table, some gorgeous decorations hanging over the table, together with ethnic lanterns and lighting fixtures, and you’ve got yourself an amazing and simple Succah. Leave the walls plain, or cover with simple panels of fabric, and once the holiness of the holiday fills your Succah it will be stunning!

Love it! Thank you! We will definitely be hearing from her again 🙂

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  1. Karen says:

    I am an avid follower and really enjoyed getting to know you better. Thanks for your creativity and genius crafting.


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