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Posted on 18 July 2010

I use these timesavers and boy, do they give me some peace of mind in my hectic household!

I’m all about saving time and energy. That’s why you need to know about certain timesavers that will actually cut back on the time and energy that tends to go to waste on things like the morning rush to the evening and even down to the laundry .

I use these in my own house and will continue to provide you with my findings on which timesavers work best.

The Morning Rush

I have a small cabinet with baggies of cheerios, pretzels, banana chips, baby carrots, etc. These snack packs can be used to pack lunches and for breakfast hunger quelchers until I get downstairs and am ready to serve.

I also ordered some things from a Montessori school website. My daughter is a Montessori school and learns how to pour her own juice from child size pitchers as well as coring apples and spreading her own cream cheese. So I keep some of the supplies she uses at school for “work/play” at my home for real life!

Here’s a picture of the cream cheese spreader.

Cleaning Timesavers

With all of the traffic in my house, I am always looking for cleaning prevention methods and cleaning shortcuts.

That is why I just ordered a professional grade mat for the front door. Don Aslett, a professional cleaning expert, says the decorative mats we buy at regular home stores really do not have what it takes to prevent dirt. If you notice in apartment complexes or office buildings, the hallway areas are laden with commercial mats.

I got mine at I am pretty particular about my things blending in with my decor and that is why I got this one:

The rubber in the mat actually pulls the dirt out of shoes and picks it up before it can spread all over the house.

My other cleaning shortcut is that I always have an electric cordless sweeper on hand. I’ve only had to replace it once in 5 years and I use it constantly. You can get them at Bed Bath and Beyond. Or, try some of the links here:

You’ll use it all the time especially with pets and kids, and it is small enough to stow away inconspicuously.

Follow this link for LAUNDRY timesavers!

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