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Tips for Parents-How to Organize my Kids?

Posted on 16 January 2011

Tips for Parents-How to Organize my Kids?

I get a lot of requests to provide tips for parents on how to organize their kids. There are A LOT of books, websites, newsletters, workshops out there that provide tips for parents on how to get your child to be more organized. I’m going to be bold in making this announcement and perhaps be the first Professional Organizer to EVER admit this and I think that there are just some kids out there whose “wiring” makes it VERY DIFFICULT for them to be organized.

They don’t understand what you’re saying (or yelling) when you say, “Clean up your room!” They don’t see the mess you may be talking about. Asking them to pick up after themselves may actually be too much for them.

I hate saying this, “Mom and Dad” but I have two very spirited children and I can see in their “wiring” that one is more organized than the other. No matter how hard I work the disorganized one, my tip to you parents is that for some kids, organizing just don’t work that well!

Of course, I recommend you do about a MILLION tricks and techniques for modeling proper methods of organizing for them, using hooks and clear storage containers instead of ones they can’t see, even removing drawers from a dresser and not using them so they can literally see what’s in their drawers. and if all that doesn’t work, before you admit this. If you try everything (including talking to a professional) and you realize that it is just too much on the child to expect them to maintain high levels of organization, then you need to lower your expectations. I did, and I’m a professional organizer. I didn’t want to harp on my child when I see how difficult it is for him/her to pick everything up.

Here’s what I do and I’m sharing these with you in case you have a child like mine:

Tip for Parents #1-Don’t ask for more than 2 items at a time to be picked up. It may be just too overwhelming for your child.

Tip for Parents #2-Physically walk with your child over to the mess and show them EXACTLY what you want to see happen, instead of calling from across the room!

Tip for Parents #3--Include lots of body cross-over movements to “wake up your child’s brain” to make the activity of organizing easier for them. Example- if they can jump like a frog or pick items up using opposite hands, you’ll be creating new neurological pathways in their brains making new “wires” for them that make the linear process of organizing way easier for them.

Tips for Parents #4-This tip was just about my last resort and I bought a HUGE tent for my child’s room because I just didn’t want to see the mess anymore. Here’s an example of one for you-

The Play Tent has been working out amazingly well since I don’t need to see the mess of the playfigures, dolls, doll accessories, etc. They all stay in the tent where my child and his/her friends can play inside along with the toys and then leave the toys in the tent!

The trick to making this work is that it is HUGE and blends in my child’s room really well. What do you think of that tip, parents? I’m curious to know what you think!

Those are some of my most effective tips for parents of kids who staying organized is a challenge for. I know because my child is one of those kids- despite us modeling easy methods of organizing. It’s more important to me to work within my child’s spirit rather than trying to change it, maybe that’s too “new-agey” but it’s me 🙂

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