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Tisha Bav Customs

Posted on 18 July 2010

Tisha Bav Customs

The Week Tisha B’Av Occurs: A Few Final Customs to Remember

This year, Tisha Bav starts Monday Night, August 8th and finishes Tuesday evening August 9th.

It’s smart to drink 10-12 glasses of water two days prior to hydrate
yourself properly. (Some people believe drinking Powerade before the fast helps maintain energy and hydration during a fast. Buy a bottle and give it a try.)

Do what you need to do to keep the kids occupied with healthy snacks and meals that you’ve prepared in advance so you don’t need to be busy with that on Tisha Bav.

Tisha B’Av:

There are five activities that are forbidden on Tisha B’Av:

· Eating and drinking

· Washing oneself

· Anointing oneself (no hand lotion, perfumes, and the like)

· Wearing leather shoes

· Spousal relations

It’s also customary to avoid sitting on couches or chairs (until mid-day) and to not learn Torah – as these are considered pleasures. There are many other pleasures and comforts we avoid and its useful to learn them – try or for a detailed discussion of these laws or read about them in Book of Our Heritage by Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov – a book about the Jewish year and its days of significance – a must have book for every Jewish home.

If you plan to go to shul, be sure to bring your copy of Eicha and Kinos and a small cushion or low chair to sit on. I would get yourself one of these types of seats. You can get them in Target or online, I believe they are called the “Floor BackJack”

Break the Fast and The 10th of Av:

Have a light meal ready to eat. We avoid eating meat and drinking wine at this meal since we know the Bais HaMikdash was still burning into the 10th of Av. Don’t start that laundry yet either, because its customary to wait until mid-day before starting the laundry, eating meat or wine, or cutting our hair and nails.

Once you’ve crossed into mid-day you can begin washing your laundry. Think about what you most need and start with that load first. It may be fresh towels or linens that need to be washed first, or maybe you desperately need some clean work clothes or perhaps just the essentials: socks and underwear. Get those out of the way first and then work backwards until you‘ve finished all the laundry.

Wishing you all a light fast and a speedy redemption for us all!

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  1. Ellen Lehrman Schwarz says:

    Thanks for the note about the laundry. I was surprised that your 9 b’av prep list did not include a reminder to do as much laundry as possible. ALso, many people forget to trim their little ones’ nails before the 9 days. Just my 2 cents– thanks for a great service!

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