1. passover organizing productsSterilite 01558501 5-Shelf Shelving Unit, Platinum If you are going to be making Pesach year after year, I highly recommend you create an out of the way pantry area for your Passover items. I keep about 2-3 of these shelves down in my basement. I love them because they are made of material that won’t get ruined by basement conditions- like the frequent flooding in my own 🙁

You can also bring up these shelves in the weeks before Pesach if you need a place to store the non perishables you’ll be purchasing in the weeks leading up to Pesach.

2. passover organizing productsSterilite 16598008 56-Quart Clear Storage Box See-through with White Lid 8-Pack I actually keep my food in these clear bins all year round because when it comes time to clear out the pantry for Passover, all I have to do is wipe them down, wash them out, and close up all the bins, bringing them out of my kitchen for Passover, once I’ve turned over the kitchen.

Watch this short video on how I do that:

3. passover organizing containersRubbermaid 7J77 Easy Find Lid Rectangle 40-Cup Food Storage ContainerBecause you’ll be making a lot of food that you need to store in the refrigerator, you’re going to need a bunch of large food storage containers. But not so large that putting food and storing food Seder night is a chore of it’s own, after you’re already exhausted. I like these featured here because they are low enough that they fit on refrigerator shelves. They are a bit pricey unfortunately though they are a necessity due to their sizing. I think if you read some of the reviews people have posted on Amazon.com regarding this particular product, you’ll find that the large capacity yet compact sizing is what sets this food storage container apart.

4. Brand New Cutco Starter Set passover organizing productsYou have GOT to have good knives for Passover. I’ve wasted lots of money buying cheaper knives, thinking that I’m getting a great deal only to find that when I’m chopping up the apples for my Charoset-mid chopping, the knife bends or breaks.

I happen to really like cutco knives which also are expensive, so I’ve saved up to buy only one or two good ones for Passover. You can’t really buy them from Cutco online unless you know of a representative. From time to time I’ll search Amazon.com for a brand new knife or two and sometimes I’ll luck out. If you know a good Cutco knife representative, call them a place an order for a good knife or two for yourself. You’ll thank me later 🙂

5. Miele Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner, S2120 Olympus S2 – Lotus Whitepassover organizing productsA canister vacuum is going to be your best friend for passover cleaning. You’re definitely going to want a canister vacuum- in my opinion, a handheld vac just doesn’t cut it! An upright vacuum is important too for heavy duty cleaning, but I really recommend a good canister vacuum. I would post the one that I use but it isn’t made anymore so I am linking to the top rated canister vacuum on Amazon.com. Take it everywhere with you- tops of cabinets, inside of shelves, under dressers, inside of drawers, basically everywhere the sun doesn’t shine! 🙂

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