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Tu Bshvat Activities

Posted on 18 July 2010

Tu Bshvat Activities

Lessons and Tu Bshvat Activities

I’d really like to share some thoughts I had about Tu Bshvat. I’ve learned that in the Torah, the human being is likened to a tree, and therefore we can think of Tu Bshvat as another Rosh Hashanah for us. A much more hidden and spiritual one.

Thus, Tu Bshvat is a celebration and opening of the potential within us-which is infinite! We see that from the month of Shvat, where new seeds are planted and new fruit is growing. So we’ve got to get our creative juices flowing!

I love what Melinda Ribner says in her book Kabbalah Month by Month that by “honoring the trees this month, we are reminded of the theme of the cycles of life.” Sometimes trees are full, and sometimes they are barren. There are times in our personal life when we are fully expressive and other times we are emptying ourselves. And that’s okay because we know that there is a cycle to life.

In order to be fully creative, there also has to be an “emptying” so we can receive inspiration and something new can be brought into being.

That’s what Shvat is all about. What thoughts do you need to empty so you can receive newness?

What creative ideas do you have that you’d like to fully express? What thoughts do you need to empty yourself of before receiving new inspiration? Old habits or patterns?

It might be helpful to draw a mindmap to help empty your thoughts. Just draw a circle and a line from the circle when a thought pops into your head. Empty your head of the mental clutter surrounding a confusing issue and let the new inspiration come on in. It will come, I promise 🙂

Activities for Shvat

1. Be open to Newness-Breathe out the old and let in the new. Be open to meeting new people, experiencing surprises and doing new things. I always love sharing what I’m doing that’s new and if you ever want to chat more about that, just send me a quick email!

2. Plan to include those things in your life that support and nurture you. We all have areas in our life that deplete us. Cultivate new relationships that nurture you. Think about if your work is meaningful or draining and then do something about it.

3. Guard the Environment- learn about the issues in our surrounding environment and do what you can to affect a change. Our environment also refers to our “body”. Pay attention to what foods you are putting into your body and assess if they are the most nurturing foods.

These areas are what the month of Shvat and Tu Bshvat, in general, can heal.

Fun Family Activity

My kids’ teachers had the kids making fruit kebabs or fruit on skewers for Tu Bshvat. Of course you can use the special fruits of Israel or just any kind of fruit as it is the Birthday of the Trees!

Pineapple works great, apples, oranges, grapes, etc. Get Creative!

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