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Updating Your Kosher Kitchen

Posted on 18 July 2010

Updating Your Kosher Kitchen

Updating your Kosher Kitchen

Who doesn’t think about updating your kosher kitchen?

But for many, it’s a dream because renovating the kitchen can be soooo expensive. Good news! You can add updates and/or even do major renovating work to a kitchen inexpensively!

Smaller Kosher Kitchen Updates

There are smaller updates you can make which add a lot to the kitchen.

For instance, I recently bought sheets of a material that looked like spanish tile. I cut it and taped it with heavy duty double sided tape and put it behind my sink.

Larger Kosher Kitchen Updates

For a little more oomph, update or remove your cabinets. That’s right, if you find yourself preferring a look that is clean and clutter-free, I would remove your top kitchen cabinets completely! If you are concerned about the storage space, look at this picture:

I’ve seen a lot of newly designed kitchens with only bottom cabinets. The top wall is bare, with a couple of shelves. This is definitely the way to go if you like clean and clutter free.

Or, you can completely replace the current cabinets that you have with new kitchen cabinets. For a less expensive alternative, use IKEA. Ikea materials are a lot less expensive than kitchen remodeling companies and is a good looking alternative to expensive kitchen gutting and remodeling.

Whatever you do, there are a couple things you need to know about when hiring a construction company, or kitchen remodeling company.

My general recommendations about hiring construction companies

Bottom line is, every company is out to make a profit. And with specialized companies, like companies just specializing in kitchen remodeling, when other companies come in to install carpeting, or if you have to bring in an electrician or plumber, they want to make a profit from that too. So the cost of your total job may be a little inflated. Plus, you can be somewhat limited.

For instance, we just renovated our basement. I hired a “specialty” company specializing in damp basements. What happens with damp basements is that because of the moisture,typical drywall and insulation that is put up on the existing walls can rot or mildew.

So when I was looking for a basement finishing company, I hired one that uses wall panels made special for damp basements. The panels won’t rot or mildew and if god forbid there is ever a flood, I can pop out the panels, clean up the water, and then pop the panels right back in. The way it works, is that they frame up the basement with steel beams, slightly away from the actual wall, and then put the panels up on those beams.

Those of you out there with damp basements can understand the value of this system.

Our basement was finished and we LOVE it. The thing I love most about it is that because our installer had his own contracting business, he was able to do more work for us, like installing a bathroom, which the basement company did not want to do, because he is an independent contractor. He was also able to do his own plumbing and electric work, so we did not need to bring in other companies.

I wish I would have found him first, and worked with him directly, instead of originally hiring the basement company.

In the end it worked out fine, but if you can, find 1 man with a contracting business who can do anything and everything instead of a large company where they want to make a profit on you and whatever else you put in- carpeting, bathrooms, electricity, etc.

The truth is, I never would have found our guy had I not hired the basement company, so all is well that ends well. But if you can find a trustworthy contractor who can do it all, it is worth your while. Get good names and ask others for who did their work.

If you want, you can talk to a guy I’ve talked to named Bret Spottke. Bret works full time and takes care of his two little kids. He remodeled his kitchen in under 60 days using all Ikea cabinets which saved him a LOT OF MONEY. He couldn’t come out and do work for you in your house, but he can tell you how to do it yourself or what to look for in an installer.

He wrote a book with TONS of pictures and advice about how to install IKEA kitchen cabinets correctly. Apparently, he learned the hard way that there was certain insider knowledge to correctly installing IKEA products.

Of course, his updates were not for a kosher kitchen, just for a general IKEA kitchen. That’s where comes in! Click here for info specifically related to organizing kosher kitchens.

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