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Use a Wardrobe when you’re low on Closet Space

Posted on 23 January 2011


My son’s room has practically zero closet space. I got this “wardrobe” piece as a hand-me down. It was painted an ugly shade of green. I simply painted over it in white and black because I wanted it to be timeless.

I actually received this piece of furniture before I had children but thankfully had the foresight that if I painted it in neutral colors, it would work pretty much in any room. When my son was born, I realized that his room had very little closet space so in went the piece!

You can really do this anytime you are low on closet space, even putting the wardrobe into the closet itself if your room space is tight.

Depending on what condition the wardrobe piece is in, I’d recommend you go to your local paint store and ask them which paint is ideal for your piece.

In my case, someone had already painted the furniture so I felt comfortable putting a coat of another paint color on top. You may need to prime your piece or even sand it down first if it’s more “raw”.

Here’s what you can do if you want to paint a piece of furniture yourself:

1. Go get yourself a piece of unfinished furniture or a free piece of furniture that someone’s giving away on craigslist. Love craigslist!

2. Assess the condition of the piece and how you want your piece to look. If you want a shabby chic look that is distressed in the corners and edges, you’ll want to purchase some sandpaper and sand the edges of the wardrobe first, giving it that distressed look.

3. Purchase paint from your local paint store – there’s a reason I say local paint store over a large chain of home improvement stores. Where I live, the people working at my local paint store are EXPERTS at telling me what kind of paint to buy and I always regret not listening to them 🙁

4. Consider purchasing a primer and using it on the piece first if you don’t want the “distressed” or shabby chic look, but a more polished and professionally done look. You can also get Benjamin Moore Aura paint which has a primer built into it, but you MUST use a special roller for Aura paint or the paint will peel right off the minute you roll it on. Here’s an Aura Roller Cover, 3/8″ Nap x 9″ that you can use to paint the wardrobe piece if you decide to use a rollerthat you could use.

5. Pick your paint colors! I chose white and black, using about 2-3 coats of the white paint since I didn’t prime first 🙁 Depending on your furniture’s natural features, you may want to add a second or third color. You could also do stripes using painter’s tape. I used black in the recessed parts of the wardrobe. Again, I wanted something that wouldn’t really stand out but blend in to whatever room I decided to store it in at any particular moment. Now, it’s in my son’s bedroom and who knows if I’ll move it around again one day!

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