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Utilizing “Trade School” Services to Save Money

Posted on 23 August 2010

Utilizing “Trade School” Services to Save Money
This idea may be new to some of you and old to others of you and I thought I’d share anyhow!
Whenever I am looking to enjoy a beauty treatment or something that I think there is a school or tradeschool for- I contact them to see if they offer the service for less. For instance, I just got a haircut for $8 and highlights for $2 for 7 foils! Wow, I managed to have them use only 7 foils (Oy, I already need to cover up my gray) so my haircut with highlights was really inexpensive compared to spending about $70 at a regular salon. I was a little worried to come back with orange hair and you know what? The student did a fabulous job! Just as good as any stylist I’ve been to in the past.
I’ve done this with massages, facials, manicure and pedicures and am always looking for other trade schools that will have their students perform the service as their practice hours for less $ to me, the customer! I’ve heard recently that there is a teenage program in my community where the teenagers learn how to build and do home construction. I’ve got a couple of projects up my sleeve that don’t require the services of a master constractor and I plan on hiring these boys for a lot less.
What services can you enjoy from a trade school for a whole lot less $$?

2 Responses to “Utilizing “Trade School” Services to Save Money”

  1. This is a great suggestion and reminder. When I lived in Minneapolis I often got services like hair cuts and color, pedicures, manicures, and facials at the Aveda Institute which was owned by Horst. The products were wonderful and the services very good at excellent prices.

    I am in a new city now and have recently begun to collect new resources. I think the biggest hair challenge is finding someone who can cut, color, and style a sheitlel well at a good price. It is also a modesty challenge quite often finding places for other services.

    I will keep looking though, your ideas are very good!

  2. Ellen Lehrman Schwarz says:

    When I lived in MA, a lot of people used the student clinic at Tufts Dental School. I think here in MD, the UM dental school in downtown Baltimore offers the same services. Keep in mind that only advanced students — be they dentists or estheticians– work on patients/clients and always under supervision.

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