Week Two of the Countdown to a Kosher Passover 2011

Posted on 29 March 2011

Week Two of the Countdown to a Kosher Passover 2011

Countdown to a Kosher Passover 2011-Week Two

Cleaning Phase II, Create a Pesach Kitchen, Menu Planning and Food Shop Phase II

1. Continue building up your Kitchen Inventory and non perishable Kosher Passover items, including paper goods, kitchen lining supplies, aluminum tins, paper napkins, all kitchen supplies like cutting boards, pots and pans

2. Create a mini pesach kitchen in the basement or laundry room with a crock pot and a few knives, cutting boards, some spices, aluminum tins and a freezer in case you’d like to cook some dishes like meat early and freeze. You’ll need a sink and you could even use the laundry sink for this purpose!

3. Make all of your personal and house related appointments that need to get taken care of before Passover such as carpet cleaning and home repairs and drycleaning.

4. Clean the dining room breakfront, clean the fridge and freezer designating one chametz area. Stop shopping for chametz, and clean the rooms that are getting “closer“ to the main floor- laundry rooms, office, hallways, bathroom and tape up areas. Most likely, these are not high traffic chametz areas so deep cleaning may not be necessary.

5. Begin giving the kids snacks that may not be actual Kosher Passover snacks but that are not considered true chametz. For instance, rice cakes, popcorn, corn pops, anything that isn’t made of Barley, Rye, Oat, Wheat or Spelt.

6. Finish the clothes and shoe shopping

7. Begin looking for Kosher Passover Recipes and start collecting those recipes that look easy enough and appealing to you and your family. Talk to friends and other people that you know have made Passover before and ask them which Kosher Passover recipes they have that work well for them. Also, begin researching ways to convert your favorite all year round recipes to become Kosher Passover recipes. Find out what good substitutes are for turning those chametz recipes into Kosher Passover recipes.

If you prefer listening to someone walking you through these steps, I highly recommend you take a look at getting a copy of the Jewish Holiday Perfectly Organized Planner complete with checklists, time-sensitive Passover 2011 information, and a software gadget designed to make your shopping, cooking, and Passover menu planning a whole lot easier! All of the information provided in the Passover Perfectly Organized planner is current and was written with you, our readers, in mind because we know just how hard you are working towards creating a Kosher passover! Click here to read more about the Planner.

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