Week Three of Making a Kosher Passover in 30 Days

Posted on 04 April 2011

Week Three of Making a Kosher Passover in 30 Days

Week Three of making a Kosher Passover in 30 Days

1. Clean your cars. I personally like to have the cars detailed once a year.

2. Create your meal plans using Kosher Passover cookbooks and from recipes you use all ‘year round that you’ve studied how to effectively convert them into Kosher Passover recipes. Then, capture your favorite recipes into my best recipe organizer software so you can print out corresponding grocery lists! It’s really easy, and that’s why I am especially promoting it this Passover.

3. Shop for some perishables using your meal plan lists and store the perishables in a section of your refrigerator that you clean this week. It could be that you cleaned out your grocery bins in advance and are beginning to put some of the perishables in there. If you haven’t shopped for your non perishables yet, go to Week 2 of Making a Kosher Passover in 30 days.

4. Clean the kitchen- include appliances, cabinets, chairs, countertops, floor, garbage cans, highchairs, oven, phone, sink, stovetop, table, windows. This is just an introductory clean to your kitchen. You’re going to need to clean it again but if there are really dirty sections of your kitchen, you’ll want to start now.

5. Cook meals in advance using a crock pot and freezing.

For more help with making Passover in 30 days and further details on exactly what you could be doing this week in order to make a perfectly organized Pesach, you’ll want to get yourself a copy of the Jewish Holiday Perfectly Organized Planner available at this link.

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    The link to the best recipe software takes me to a roadrunner.com link

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