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Weekly Printable Checklist for January 16-21

Posted on 16 January 2011

Weekly Printable Checklist for January 16-21

Jewish Life’s Weekly Organizing Checklist

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_____ Printable Checklist Tip #1-Tu Bshvat is on Thursday! Let’s celebrate by making a point to eat or serve the fruits that are unique to Israel (wheat, grapes, dates, pomegranate, olives, honey, barley) or even by planting a tree in Israel. You can go to, what a special thing to do especially after Israel’s very large forest fire.

_____ Printable Checklist Tip #2-Get yourself a couple of air cleaning houseplants if you don’t already! Since it’s Tu Bshvat this week, I want you to use a little bit of your green thumb 🙂

_____ Printable Checklist Tip #3– It’s a great idea to keep your pantry well-stocked in case of snow which can be unpredictable as you may well know! If you don’t have a pantry list that you keep for yourself, start with Martha Stewart’s. Martha’s got a great winter pantry list you can use here at this link:

I also recently started weight watchers so if you’re a member there, you can also get a great pantry staples list 🙂

_____ Printable Checklist Tip #4-Make an EASY craft or special food item for Tu Bshvat. Check out my review of a Kosher Sangria recipe I found using the fruits of Israel or make fruit kebabs with your kids. The beautiful picture I’ve featured in the background is from with great instructions on making those festive pomanders for Tu Bshvat.

_____ Printable Checklist Tip #5-I mentioned that last week we’d work on saving $$$. Keep your coupons in the CAR or right in front of your purse where your credit cards are, otherwise you may just forget to use them altogether and we don’t want that 🙂

5 Responses to “Weekly Printable Checklist for January 16-21”

  1. Thank you Rivka for being onestep ahead! Do you have any ideas or resources on creating a festive upsherin?

  2. Eliyahu Merrington says:

    I would like a monthly Check List, It will work out much better,

    For all your trouble

  3. Eliyahu Merrington says:

    A very nice recipe.

    Cut an peeled orange into 5mm slices and lay out on a plate. Then peel and cut an onion into 2mm slices. Place 1 slice of onion onto 1 slice of orange, until all orange slices have a slice of onion on. Place in fridge over night, sever chilled. They taste good together as the onion is not so harsh. The way to eat them is to put the whole slice in your mouth and chew. I love the combination of flavour.

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