Weekly Printable Checklist for January 23-28

Posted on 23 January 2011

Weekly Printable Checklist for January 23-28

Jewish Life Organized.com’s Weekly Organizing Checklist

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_____ Printable Checklist Tip #1-Fix broken jewelry this week. You’ll feel like you bought yourself brand new pieces and it feels really nice 🙂

_____ Printable Checklist Tip #2-Refold the sheets in your linen closet. Put matching sheet sets inside of pillowcases.

_____ Printable Checklist Tip #3– Next time you’re at the store, purchase floating candles. Use them in a bath or when you have company over and don’t have time to do lots of cleaning, fill up the bathtub, leave the lights off, and fill the tub with loads of floating candles!

_____ Printable Checklist Tip #4-Prevent nasty spills in your oven by lining the bottom of your oven with aluminum foil. No more grease fires!

_____ Printable Checklist Tip #5-Trash your old cutting boards. Only use plastic ones because wooden ones harbor gunk and bacteria. Save the pretty wooden cutting boards for serving and displaying food properly. Cut your meat and produce on 2 different plastic cutting boards to prevent germs from lingering.

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