Weekly Printable Checklist for July 3-10

Posted on 01 July 2011

Weekly Printable Checklist for July 3-10

Weekly Printable Checklist for July 3-10

_____ Relax and Enjoy Summer! I’ve gotten a bit lazy enjoying the more relaxed pace of our home and I hope you have to. A little bit of structure and a little bit more of relaxation is a great combo for summer!

_____ Eat less sugar and you’ll get less mosquito bites. Try it, you’ll see!

_____ Buy yourself a Dryel kit and stop dry cleaning. If you’re “religious” about your dry cleaning this may not work as well for you, bit if there are just a couple of things you like to dry clean each week/month, the Dryel kit may be a good solution for you. It’s very convenient, cost effective, and timely!

_____ Start looking out for back to school supply coupons. Believe it or not, they’re already out there!

_____ Get yourself a modest, comfortable morning robe for the summer. I live in mine, putting it on first thing in the morning, when I get home from being outside in the hot and sticky weather. You’ll thank me later 🙂 Ask me where to shop if you’re interested!

Enjoy your week and get started on your Weekly Printable Checklist!

5 Responses to “Weekly Printable Checklist for July 3-10”

  1. jackie says:

    Please share with me where to get a summer robe. I definitely need one!


  2. Miryam Koch says:

    Where do you get your “Summer” robes? I live in Los Angeles so it’s not like shopping in New York… in Crown Heights.


  3. Hinda says:

    what is in a dryel kit, and where can it be purchased? it’s something I would have wanted yesterday! dry cleaning is too expensive, and I rarely give things in.

    • Rivka says:

      Hi Hinda, Dryel is an in-home “dry cleaning” or steaming kit. Basically, the kit comes with a bag that you can put clothing into, rip open one of the dryel steaming and cleaning packets (they look like a wipe), put it in the bag, and then stick the whole bag into the dryer for 15-30 minutes. It works nicely and while the kit is a bit pricey, I think if you make some comparisons to dry cleaning, it might work for you depending on your dry cleaning habits. Here’s a link to purchase it: Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaning Starter Kit, Clean Breeze Scent 1 kit

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