Weekly Printable Checklist for May 22-27

Posted on 23 May 2011

Weekly Printable Checklist for May 22-27

Weekly Printable Checklist for May 22-27

_____ Finish planting any vegetables you wish you plant for this year’s garden. It’s not too late to plant seeds or even small vegetable plants that you can find at your local grocery store. It’ll be worth it!

_____ Organize your Meat and Milk cookingware and bakeware. If distinctions have become blurred in the past few years, purchase pots and bakeware not only in different colors but in different shapes. Try round for dairy, square for meat.

_____ Reaffirm important goals for yourself by writing them on a piece of paper or posting them on a bulletin board. For example, “I am a responsible mother” or “I am in control of our family’s finances”. You can then break down those lofty goals into solid action steps.

_____ Throw away old stained sheets and linens that you can’t seem to ever get looking clean. It’s okay to part with them (I know you’re holding on to them for future crafts and things) but give yourself permission to donate or dump.

_____ Take time this week to sew on missing buttons. Corral all the buttons lying around your house into ONE glass jar so it becomes easy to find them when sewing time comes around!

That’s it! Get started on your Weekly Printable Checklist for May 22-27.

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