Weekly Printable Checklist for November 21-27

Posted on 21 November 2010

Weekly Printable Checklist for November 21-27

Jewish Life Organized.com’s Weekly Organizing Checklist

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_____ Printable Checklist Tip #1-Make sure you have all of the gift wrapping supplies you may need for Chanukah. I personally love to use drawstring organza bags. They are easy and come in many different sizes for various sized gifts. My favorite gift wrapping site is Nashvillewraps.com.

_____ Printable Checklist Tip #2-It’s great to schedule a self-clean cycle to your oven when you know the kids won’t be home and WRITE it down on the calendar. Too many times I’ve intended to schedule a self-clean but can’t in the end because everyone is home and the fumes are too strong! That’s why I recommend you pre plan your self-clean cycle and make a note of it on your calendar.

_____ Printable Checklist Tip #3– To save time shopping in the stores, I highly recommend you search for clothing and shoes on the internet using froogle.com and target.com. Yes, the returns can sometimes be annoying but you will save so much time from physically being in the stores by shopping online and you can search for the best prices. It’s a great idea to do now because of all the store traffic due to the holiday season!

_____ Printable Checklist Tip #4– This is a bit of a funky tip- but if you have a hard time finding clothing that you like, for yourself or for your children, one idea is to make your own Tops and Tshirts. You can go to any Arts and Crafts Store and pick up Iron on Transfers and Iron on Designs. Then, pick up any plain shirt and enjoy ironing on your design. This enables you to buy modest shirts that may be too plain for your little fashion designer living at home, and spice them up a bit while still staying modest!

_____ Printable Checklist Tip #5– In case you haven’t received our free download, Chanukah Perfectly Organized, here it is again! Make a list of everyone you need to give Chanukah gifts to and then write down next to their name, what you plan on making or giving. Speaking of which, here’s a free Chanukah present for you- entitled Chanukah Perfectly Organized designed to get all of your Chanukah prep under control and seamless! Feel free to share with friends!

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