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What to do with Baking Messups

Posted on 16 January 2011

What to do with Baking Messups

I’m not very good at baking. I don’t know what it is, if it’s the necessity of following directions to the “T” or if it’s just not my talent, but I’m just not!

I think what happens is that I get excited to use healthier substitutes in my recipes and many times, they just don’t work!

I get really excited using vegetables in my baked goods, I know that might sound disgusting, but if Jessica Seinfeld can write a book called Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food with great Baking recipes insidethen I can use vegetables in my cookie recipes! I especially love her Chocolate chip cookie recipe with Chickpeas inside 🙂 You really can’t even taste them I promise!

Anyhow, so this week I decided to substitute sugar in a recipe for a banana and the cookies came out horribly so guess what I did? I consider this genius 🙂

I threw the cookies into the food processor and made them into cookie crumbs. There were a lot! So I stored some in a freezer bag and will reuse for baking at a later date- perhaps I’ll make a graham cracker piecrust or use them for sprinkling on top of something like an apple crisp, and this particular time, I made a Trifle with them! I had never made a trifle before. Here’s what I did.

I took the crumbs and pressed them down at the bottom of the trifle bowl. My neighbor happened to have pudding cups so I layered the next layer using pudding. Next came the cookie crumbs again and miraculously they stuck together, very “cake-like”, which is necessary for a trifle. After that came another layer of pudding and then again. I topped the whole thing with a can of cherry pie filling.

How’s that for my kitchen fiasco? Did I mention that I’m a good recycler? I’ll get you a picture soon. The trifle came out very well and I’m actually thinking of making a trifle for Tu Bshvat using the 7 species of fruits and simply layering them in a trifle bowl.

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