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When you Don’t Have enough Closet Space

Posted on 31 March 2011

If you don’t have enough closet space, you’ll want to take advantage of your walls as much as possible.

Before you purchase furniture that is going to be taking up floor space, think about installing shelving or hanging closet space ON your actual wall.

This is one of the TOP organizing tips that I end up usually making, when I look over someone’s home and help them to create more space.

In fact, you really only have 4 storage options to choose from which are:

– Hang it up
– Store it in a drawer
– Store it on a shelf
– Store it on the floor

Anytime you are thinking about how to “contain” an item, you ONLY have those 4 options to choose from really so start with the first one whenever you can because usually floor space is at a premium.

closet spaceYou can create your own DIY closet project by hanging closet rods on your actual wall, as I did in this picture in my son’s room, or you can purchase a closet wall system.

This bar was created just to hang all of my son’s Shabbos shirts. You can see that it gets frequently used 🙂

If you want something a little straighter and a little neater, I recommend you look at a premade product that is designed to be installed ON your wall for the purposes of hanging clothes. Of course this will work best for a child or someone that doesn’t have gobs and gobs of clothes like some of us 🙂

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