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Yom Kippur Fasting Tips

Posted on 18 July 2010

Yom Kippur Fasting Tips

Yom Kippur Fasting Tips – Hope these will help you fast easier.

I don’t know about you, but I get anxious about fasting. I’ve read up on any possible yom kippur fasting tips and here is what I can tell you.

  • Water-You have to up your intake of water for at least one day before the fast. Drink 8-10 cups the day before. Much of the difficulty in fasting can be alleviated by becoming more than adequately hydrated.
  • If you like, follow this suggestion from a wonderful Chiropracter, Dr. Neal Blaxberg. Put the best possible electrolytes you can get into your water and drink it 1-2 days before the fast. That electrolyte is Braggs Amino Acids (tastes like soy sauce) available at any health food store. I tried it this year and I must say I was exhausted and hungry, but not dehydrated.

  • Caffeine (This you know)- if you suffer from caffeine withdrawal, start cutting down 1 week to 2 weeks in advance. Start by cutting your caffeine intake by half and then the last week, cut it out altogether.
  • To prevent a caffeine headache, drink or eat something with caffeine during the pre-fast meal so you do not get a caffeine withdrawal headache in the morning.
  • The adverse side of drinking caffeine is that caffeine is a diuretic, and water loss will this occur, increasing your body’s need for water.
  • I had always been told to eat noodles and grapes before a fast. Why? Because complex carbs holds the water that is in your body, preventing dehydration. That is why many people feel sick on a fast day, because they are dehydrated. So eating complex carbs sustains the water in your body which keeps you hydrated. Protein actually attracts and leaches water from your tissues.For 3 days to 1 week before the fast, eat complex carbs and foods high in fiber to keep the water in your system, not protein. Foods like salt-free popcorn, pasta, fruits, rice, potatoes, nuts, and vegetables with skins. Avoid foods with salt, as they will make you more thirsty.
  • It is best to break your fast on something that is a simple sugar to establish your glucose again. A cracker with honey or a fruit juice since we have used up our glucose during the 24 hour fast.
  • The day before a fast, try not to overexert yourself. Stay out of the sun and only exercise minimally.
  • Pray! Try to release your anxieties about fasting by praying and getting conscious about what it is that gets you nervous about fasting and then accept it and release it. I’m saying this because I am someone that feels anxious about fasting, and when I understood why and then accepted myself regardless, I was able to release that fear.
  • Lastly, do get a copy of Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur/Sukkos Perfectly Organized. You’ll learn more specific suggestions for how people make it through Yom Kippur with kids and fasting and all!

Have an easy fast!

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  1. Rivka says:

    Please add your tips- I’d love to hear more Yom Kippur Fasting Tips (especially because I’m 9 months pregnant and will be fasting)

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